Moving Checklist

60-90 Days Before:

  • Find a Realtor to sell your home.
  • Find a Realtor in destination city.
  • Contact moving companies for written estimates.
  • Update your address book.
  • Obtain appraisals or gather receipts of high value items.

15-30 Days Before:

  • Eliminate everything you do not want to move.
  • Schedule elevator if moving from apartment building.
  • Arrange for new auto and home insurance.
  • Arrange for or start collecting the cartons you need to start packing.
  • Start to pack non-essential items.
  • Notify post office and fill out change of address.
  • Notify credit card companies of your change of address.
  • Notify schools and make arrangements for school records to be sent to the new school.
  •  Ask your doctors and dentists for copy of records and referrals.
  • Arrange to have someone watch children and pets during the day of the move,
  • Get hotel and airline reservations, if needed.

8-14 Days Before:

  • Collect all clothing and items to be repaired or cleaned.
  • Return things borrowed or collect things loaned.
  • Arrange transfer of banking accounts.
  • Get refunds on deposits made.
  • Arrange to discontinue utility services and connect at new residence. These include:
  • gas
  • electric
  • water
  • telephone
  • cable/ Internet

1-7 Days Before:

  • Dispose of all flammable, cleaning fluids, bleach, paint, aerosol cans and ammunition.
  • Drain gas and oil from power equipment (mower, weed eater)
  • Set aside things to pack in the car.
  • Have all fragile items boxed, marked and set aside.
  • Disconnect TV and antenna.
  • Arrange payment for mover.
  • Empty freezer
  • Defrost and clean refrigerator.
  • Pack a box of items you will needs as soon as you arrive.

Moving Day:

  • Finish packing personal items, strip and pack bedding.
  • Have an extra box available for last minute items.
  • Have an extra box or bag for last minute trash.
  • Accompany the driver during the inventory taking and check the condition of your goods as they are being loaded.
  • Sign the Bill Of Lading and make sure the delivery address and contact numbers are correct. Give driver directions to your new home.
  • Double check closets, drawers and shelves to be sure all are empty.
  • Leave old keys with your realtor or neighbor.
  • Carry jewelry and documents yourself.