How to Pack

Label each box with your name.

Use sturdy boxes, preferably those supplied by your mover. China boxes (Double -wall, corrugated cardboard boxes) should be used for China and fragile items, due to their reinforced construction.

When packing breakables, leave a two to four inch layer of crumpled paper at the bottom, sides and top of the box.

When packing a box, place heavier items on the bottom, then less heavy with the lightest on the top.


Use china boxes and unprinted newspaper.

PLATES and SAUCERS: Wrap each piece separately in unprinted newspaper. Place them in the box standing on edge.

BOWLS: Wrap individually, stack 4-6 together, wrap all again and place them standing on edge in the box.

CUPS and GLASSWARE: Wrap cup handles in paper, then wrap entire cup. Place them in box with all handles pointing in the same direction. Wrap everyday glasses individually

STEMWARE: Use white packing paper. Use china or liquor box with dividers. Wrap each glass individually, stand on rim in box.


BOOKS: Pack books standing on bottom edge in book box.

CLOTHING: Wardrobe boxes can be used for handling clothing. Other clothing, blankets and linens can be folded and packed in linen boxes. We recommend emptying all dressers and chests as the added weight can make them difficult to move and move susceptible to damage.

POTS and PANS: Use china boxes; stack them together with a few pieces of paper in between them. Fill empty spaces with newspaper.

LAMPS and LAMPSHADES: Remove shades and bulbs. Wrap lamps in layers of paper and place in box on base. Wrap lampshades lightly in paper, nest one inside the other, and pack in separate box.

ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: Wrap these items heavily in bubble – wrap and place in box (ideally the original). Place bubble – wrap at bottom and sides to prevent movement.

PAINTINGS, MIRRORS, and GLASS: Use picture boxes and bubble-wrap. Valuable pieces may need to be professionally crated by us.

Estimating how many boxes you need:

1 Bedroom Apt. (Small)115-20
1 Bedroom Apt. (Small)225-40
1 Bedroom apt. (Medium)230-40
1 Bedroom (Large)2 with Children45-60
2 Bedroom Apt.255-60
2 Bedroom Apt. ( 3-5 Years)2 with Children60-70
2 Bedroom (5-7 Years)2 with Children70-80
3 Bedroom Home2 with Children80-120
4 Bedroom Home2 with Children120-200