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Moving out of one’s house can be a big decision for anyone. Apart from the fact that you have to move out of the familiar surroundings of the house and the neighborhood and the mental adjustment that needs to take place, the biggest challenge that movers face is the task of packing up all their belongings in the right way so that they are no lost, broken or tampered during the move.

Just packing up of household and personal commodities is not enough as if they are packed haphazardly you will have great trouble when you have moved in to your new house. The first requirement when you are packing your belongings is to get hold of the right kind of supplies for moving.

Along with the right kind of supplies for packing your things in, you need to make sure that you have a trusted truck service that will be on time and transport your belongings to your new destination responsibly.

Packing and Moving

Before you run to the nearest store and grab a few boxes for moving it is important that you understand why these boxes differ in shape and size and hardness and what needs to go inside a particular box. Take a close look at the things that are there in your house that are definitely needed to be taken along and take extra care when planning a long distance move.

These things can be roughly categorized into garments and other cloth accessories, lamp shades and crystal glasses and other delicate things can be included under ‘Fragile’ category. Lightweight things like pillows; cushions etc are another category while heavy weights may be the books, kitchen appliances etc.

Moving supplies and boxes have to be purchased understanding the needs of each of these items. In order to make sure that your things do not suffer from any mishap during the transportation, buying of general all purpose cheap moving boxes should be strictly avoided.

When you are shopping for boxes for moving make sure that you get boxes for each category of items that have been mentioned above.

This means that light weight boxes in large and medium sizes, strong and hard boxes in medium sizes, stand up wardrobe boxes, dish packs, mirror boxes, custom crates, mattress boxes and extra padding are the ones to look out for when you are shopping for home moving supplies for.

Each of these boxes carry out specialized functions and work the most to protect your items and make sure that they are delivered safely to the destination. In case you are moving out of the state and the transportation distance is a large one, these specialized boxes are a must.

Once the boxes have been bought, there are a few other things that you need to keep handy when you start packing for moving. Among the most necessary ones are big black markers for marking the boxes, a strong packing tape and helping hands.

The first thing that you need to do is pack the things belonging to each room one by one. For example, things belonging to the bedroom should be packed in boxes for moving marked ‘bedroom’ and the things packed in each boxes should be written on the boxes as well.

After each box has been duly filled, the opening of the boxed is closed tightly with packing tape and so is the bottom of the box. There are different types of moving supplies and boxes that one can use for packing.

For example: Light medium and large sized boxes are the best for packing in light weight possessions as they are made for big yet light weight things. The other type of box where you can carry heavy objects is better known as the book box and you can safely pack in all your heavy possessions in them as they are strong enough to support their heavy weight.

If you have garments that need special attention and are best carried in the hanging position then Stand-up wardrobe is your best bet. They come with bar where you can hang any piece of clothing you want from expensive clothes, to drapes, carpets and table cloths.

Supplies for moving
Once the lightweight and the heavy possessions have been taken care of, fragile objects like dishes, plates, glasses, lamps etc are next and they need to be handled with great care. For the special care and cushioning, Dish packs are the best supplies for moving.

They are available with cell dividers that allow you to pack in things belonging to the same category together. For example, the dishes go in one cell and the photo frames in another. For all the mirrors in the house, there are special moving supplies and boxes known as Mirror boxes, they come in all shapes and sizes and provide extra protection to protect your mirrors.

For extremely delicate items like chandeliers, large table tops and antique pieces, custom made crates are available that make sure that your priced possession is absolutely safe. These custom made crates are usually made out of wood and come with exquisite padding to safeguard the good while it is being transported.

If all these specialized supplies for moving are confusing and too costly for you then your best bet are the general cheap moving boxes which are generally hardy by nature to provide considerable amount of support to any type of object placed in it.

For padding up of delicate objects you can use newspapers which are easily available in the house. Special wrappers known as bubble wraps serve the same purpose though they are again expensive.

Packing for moving can be a gruelling task if undertaken alone and therefore make sure that you have the help of your family members and friends. If you have friends coming over to help you make sure that you have food and drinks handy to ensure that they do not tire out easily.

Bottles of drinking water and quick food like pizza or burger are the best bet when you have friends coming over to help you pack your things into supplies for moving and help you make that move happen!

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